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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  February 2, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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which is, of course, popular for mardi gras. the 49ers and baltimore fans have been out in force. bourbon street is an area filled with all the revelers at this time of the year. now it is bustling with football. most of whom spent thousands of dollars. we talked to a guy spending $20,000 for him and his friends to come to the super bowl. they have the final official practice of the week. the team is going through a walk through today at the super dome for the big game to take place. now before yesterday's practice, jim harbaugh held a joint news conference with his brother, john, making sure to acknowledge their parents. >> nobody in the family has more competitive fire than my mother. she could do it like a maniac. that's the most important thing, she believed in me. she was not happy when we built a hockey goal out of chicken wire and we were about 13 years old and shot all the windows
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out of the garage door. remember that? they were glass. she called dad in on that one. >> reporter: all right, those are the two brothers getting ready to face each other tomorrow and pretty exciting here. yes, we are out at bourbon street and saw a lot of red and gold, so i think that's a good sign. >> it certainly is. i know except for a few stops on bourbon street. and they are working hard all week to bring it here in san francisco. what do you think were the real highlights of your stay so far in the big easy? >> reporter: the three of us were talking about that last night trying to pick out our favorite moments. we've done that so much, we've been able to tour the beautiful city. so we put together a beautiful package with all the highlights. take a look. >> new orleans. >> new orleans. >> new orleans. i don't know who got that part.
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>> what does it mean when you see somebody walking down the street with a necklace of beads? >> they're having a great time. >> this is 2010, the day of the super bowl. >> we've got a tremendous reputation as being the tourist destination as does new orleans. that's kind of one of our businesses. >> reporter: we can't say new orleans, but you can't say frisco. >> good. >> oh yeah. >> and we get our sun in every day. >> that's a big difference. >> it's a big difference, yes, definitely. >> it is never closed. we are hope 24/7, 365. >> we get out here all the time. >> i'm telling you they are addicted. >> all of a sudden you can see
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that there and the towers. literally a basket case. >> the best time for new orleans. it's the first thing in the morning like right now. it's very quiet. it's easy to get around as it will be very nice. this is the second most popular graveyard destination. >> it's one of those things that makes them unique. >> oh, you walked into the classic new orleans french quarter style home. the home itself is over 150 years old. i did a little research. when they first came to new orleans, they stayed there. >> reporter: for me to be able
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to sit on this balcony with cocktails in the afternoon and to look out and know that they are not here and that the trees are here, it makes the old fashion taste better. >> you're not here for the super bowl, are you ready for the niners? >> of course, we are ready for the niners. in the end i would rather watch it on television. >> reporter: it is always the highlight when you run into george lucas on the street and when they call you a basket case. coming up on the show, we'll go behind the scenes of the trip here for the last seven days as you will meet our producer and photographer as we're going to talk about our favorite moments of this trip as we have done a lot, anne? >> all right, thank you, michelle. live in new orleans. we'll check back in with you in a few and remember they are the only station airing the game kick off at 3:30 tomorrow and then you could stay tuned for a
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super night on the new bay bridge. we'll bring you the first live tv program from the depth of the newsstand complete with post-game coverage from new orleans and all over the bay area. >> and we may be seeing another mild weekend on tap. >> yeah, we'll take a close look. we'll go to the suspense part, the old back-to-back part of the bridge and the fog and low clouds out there this morning. a little bit of the haze to start off your day with. temperatures mostly in the 50s. we'll be in the 60s. but as you head out the door to do a little view today, you'll find some fog in the early going. temperatures in the 50s and the upper 40s. the entire forecast from a few minutes now. new this morning, one person is dead and another hurt after a shooting at their gallery walk. that happened at about 11:00 last night in the uptown neighborhood of 23rd street and telegraph avenue. some video of the crime scene from youtube. one person was pronounced dead
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at the scene, the other now at the local hospital. we don't know their conditions yet this morning. officers have been assigned to work that monthly art event extra view. but obviously they did not prevent this overnight. the investigators were on scene, gathering evidence, but so far no arrests. >> reporter: her body was found at the park early yesterday and she was last seen alive in nearby city. we now know she was 13 years old. a student at green valley middle school. authorities are not releasing her name. police have been working that case after getting a call from the girls foster parents on thursday evening. then they put out a bulletin to all local police department. >> they started following up to see if we could locate her. using all the techniques that we know with social media and phones and stuff like that and
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other friends. fairfield police called them saying that they believe they did have a homicide vic -- victim matching that girl's description. fema has expanded their alert programs so the messages are automatically sent to their cell phones. they have been startled by their phone when the loud alarm sound and the message popped up. they went into effect on new year's day, used in 14 days and will soon start here in california. >> i mean as a dad i would think that's really important to get the amber alert out to as many people as possible. >> the alerts will come built into the multiple different phones and automatically turned on. a lot of people had no idea that they contained those government alerts. heads up on that. that's the game day tradition. mayors setting off to win super bowl. what baltimore's mayor needs to eat when they win. and the ground hog will be
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back to shadow their prediction with all their fans. hi, from their air force base, currently deployed here in southwest asia. and supporting my san francisco 49ers. it's been 18 years. i need to update my stuff. go niners.
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police in alabama continue to negotiate with a man holding a it'll be the focus across the country for tomorrow and super bowl xlv, which will be aired right here on cbs5. a lot of press underway at the super dome as we're going to check back in with our crew in
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just a few. police in alabama, they are continuing to negotiate with the man who has been holding the 5-year-old boy hostage. they said that the man boarded the school bus last tuesday and shot the driver to death kidnapping the boy. now, the gunman and his hostage are in the underground bunker on that man's property. hackers have infiltrated that there about 250,000 accounts that may have been compromised. they have e-mailed all those people that felt it. the advice? change your password. >> and there is no shadows to see. an early thing for you and me. >> and they are in search of the shadows. dating back to 1886. and watch you do your thing for
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this morning. and what do you think about me? and good morning everybody, how are you? mostly cloudy skies to start out with, some patchy fog. finishing on the milder side too. let's head out there again with the numbers in the lower 60s for the most part of your forecast, starting with the low clouds up top and high clouds, kind of depends on where you go. they are also showing the layer of clouds coming up. temperatures will recover a little bit, but a little drizzle is also a possibility. so we've got a cloudy and chilly start. another view of the bay bridge. mostly cloudy skies today. dry week ahead for the bay area. we have had a chance yesterday of a few showers perhaps midweek. we've pulled them out because it does not look like it's going to happen. and after a dry january, we're going to continue right into february. and on the satellite view here,
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it looks like a mattress exploded up there. but there is not much in the way of the moisture. so we will get not quite as much sunshine today. but nothing in the way of precipitation. again with the exception of this, maybe the possibility of a little bit of the drizzle along the shoreline. if you are heading out on monday, they look okay. northwesterly to 25 and sunny skies. i'll check around the rest of the country. snow in chicago and new york and los angeles looks good at 72 degrees. we'll do a little comparison shopping between san francisco and new orleans and baltimore. baltimore gets 34 degrees and snow. yikes. new orleans, they will have the sunshine at 66 and you can see that they will have the showers moving down the southeast. that's pretty usual for that part of the country. for us, 60 in the city and 63 at fremont and 64 in san jose today. extended forecast. partly sunny skies on average today and tomorrow and we'll break out the sunshine for the early part of the week. maybe a few clouds as you head
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towards next weekend with a few clouds, but right now it does not look like we'll get any rain. >> you're looking at your colors in >> thank you so much. i have to publicly apologize for my outfit. it means nothing, everybody. i'm sorry. bad choice. bad choice. >> that's okay. i made up for it. >> thank you. all right, and the all- important friendly wager will be in place for the big game. the governor jerry brown finally announced his bet to maryland's governor yesterday. he did it via twitter. he offered his adversary a book on california history if the 49ers fall to the ravens tomorrow. okay, not that exciting over the back wind. but he accepted it, saying he would add a case of baltimore beer into the wager. another game day bet on the line for the san francisco mayor. both lee and his baltimore counterparts agreed to take part in the day of the service for the city. plus a visit to their local crab market and they will need
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to wear the winning team's jerseys. >> i'll show them the real crabs. >> i've got that right here. she'll be wearing this when shecracks our crab here. >> millions of bay area fans will be watching every move that they make tomorrow, but also a good chance that overs will be tuned in just for the commercials. we'll show you that the super bowl ads, they are already turning heads. >> reporter: 30 seconds of this cloning caused bush about $4 million. a minute of kate upton doing what she does best. mercedes will be set back to $8 million. despite the record-setting price tag to buy time, all the super bowl ad space has sold out. >> over 100 million people are
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seeing these spots and talking about them before, during, and after. >> reporter: to generate the long-term buzz for their party senior citizens, taco bell posted this commercial online. at least 26 of this year's 30 plus companies released at least a little bit of their ad. taco bell says it is already paying off. >> we shared it with 150,000 employees. this morning they are sharing with their friends. 10 million facebook friends. >> reporter: for the seven straight years, frito is letting their fans come up with their commercials. they will air during the game, but only one will win. fans on social media will decide. >> it encourages people to go online and get involved with the brand. >> reporter: whether it is the drooling dogs of sonata or the gunslingers of coca-cola, there are very few commercials this year that will surprise us. the super bowl ads seem to have their own ads, which is just
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what they intended. >> and that was vanita reporting. you can see more on our website and game day coverage. visit he's a 49er player with a golden arm. the accessory that shows golden kaepernick has a heart of gold. for most of the 49ers, sunday's game will be their first super bowl and a moment that they will never forget. >> when the ball is kicked off and flashes are going off, man, you know, i thought that it was a cool thing. as a kid i never thought that it would be it and i have a chance to play in the game as i'm looking forward to that. >> their lights will certainly be flashing. sunday at 3:30. i'm dennis o'donnell.
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it is creole, the feel of french and the incline and the way to understand new orleans is it is basically a caribbean port. it has much more, if not southern, certainly not the u.s. it has much more in common
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with havana, than with anything else in this country. >> and it is a beautiful city, taking a live look right now at the super dome where they are getting ready. we are just hours away from super bowl xlv. of course the kick off tomorrow. we'll have a lot of action right there at the super dome. that summit starts at 8:30 this morning. the very first annual vietnamese festival kicks off as well. celebrate the vietnamese new year, the year of the snake. takes place at the santa clara
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county fairgrounds. opening ceremonies start at 11:00 this morning. tony and his daughter, stephanie have a twist on super bowl nachos. >> so we are making these nachos a little twist with gulf shrimp and cajun spices. >> we're adding a little bit of lemon juice in the pan to dress this up a little bit. >> we've got the multi-grain chips? >> yes. >> a little healthier. >> and we've got refried beans on top to keep all the chips on the plate. >> and you just want to heat them up a little bit. so everything will bind together. this is regular dipping cheese. >> beautiful. >> i love that. >> and you don't need to get too fancy. >> no. >> and some salsa on this? >> the chunky salsa or the mild salsa to go all the way around. this will be so good that you're going to fight me for this. >> and then you can add the
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jalapeños. >> okay. >> and how much did you put in? >> whatever you want. >> you know what, i like to bite those on top too. and to finish it off with those shrimp. perfect. >> lock at how beautiful that is. a great job. nice job. >> all right, enjoy your super bowl. >> i am shocked that he does the velveeta. but colin kaepernick is supporting a charity for children with heart disease. kaepernick was originally scheduled to attend a fundraiser today in the sacramento area for a non- profit called camp taylor. at candlestick in december, they gave him a bracelet made by the kids and that's when he grabbed his backpack to show them that he always carries another bracelet that they made for him. >> i always carry it with me. >> reporter: to hold them near and dear like that, it is really touching and speaks to the depth of colin's heart. >> colin's support for the cause will stem from the fact that his mother lost two babies
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to heart disease before adopting him. as soon as he made it to the nfl he looked for a way to support families going through that same struggle. super bowl fever taking over san francisco. how the city is preparing for the rowdy fans and the wild celebrations in the streets. and we have been taking in the sights and sounds of new orleans. coming up you'll meet the rest of the team. the two guys that are behind all the magic. i'm mike sugerman and finally managing new orleans here. the last fill up. stick around, i'll tell you the weirdest place that i have visited my 2,600-mile journey.
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tomorrow's unique face-off between head- coach brothers is everything new orleans has to offer ahead of the big game on sunday. coming up some of our favorite moments. plus, tomorrow is the face off between the head coach brothers being called the harboul. it could be a major factor in the game. and regulating the faithfuls after the game. san francisco's mourning to rowdy fans. welcome back it is just about 7:29, february 2, ground hog day. thanks for being here. michelle, tell us about some of the fans that you have met this morning. >> reporter: some of the fans we've met this morning. well there are a lot of fans out here. a lot of 49er fans and ravens fans and saints fans who can't seem to get over that the
7:28 am
saints are not in the super bowl, but they have been very hospitable. you don't get to see very often, our producer wilson walker and our photographer. i always want to call him villa nova and he says no. these guys, they make the magic happen here as we have been here for a week. are you exhausted? >> are you kidding? i feel great >> i feel great. >> i'm wiped out, but i'm doing okay. >> i know. we've had a lot of fun exploring new orleans as we were talking last night about some of the favorite moments. it's so hard to go over because you have done so much. >> for me the week was dominated by one thing and it sounded something like this. >> this is a bunch and it is grits. most everybody knows what grits are, but grits, they are covered with veal or beef and they cook them in a stew-like substance.
7:29 am
they are fabulous and you get to try them. >> these people called me up from the streets, invited me into their home and demanded that i eat this beautiful spread of food and then it just kept happening. >> you walk into the new orleans french quarter style homes. >> yes, another family invited me in, which is where tennessee williams lived briefly when he moved to new orleans in 1939. the spot we're sitting at right now was rained out during that nasty storm on wednesday morning. >> oh yeah we remember that. the royal hotel hosted us on their balcony for three hours. then there is william bora, who we brought you their story on wednesday night. not only allowing us to use his home for a live broadcast at 1:00 in the morning, but he cooked us dinner at 1:00 in the
7:30 am
morning. >> i know, he made us meatloaf, rosemary potatoes. >> don't forget about the drinks too. and that was it. it was the hospitality that was relentless. >> that's what we have been talking about all week. the southern hospitality. everyone is so inviting, so friendly, welcoming all of these out of towners into their town. i mean it's amazing. >> it's been really amazing. i've had a great time here. >> and hold on, now back to the hotel, one of my favorite moments was wilson walker, it was raining and we wanted to keep everything clean for the guys because they let us into the hotel at the last minute. so wilson had to clean the floor as we were telling him where to clean. do we have a picture? if we do, let's put it up because we want to show everybody wilson cleaning the floors. >> and i hope that lisa, our assistant news director is watching. her main concern is that i had been fully in command of this
7:31 am
crew of news professionals. and i think that image makes it entirely clear who was in charge here for the past week. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> all right, rick, tell me about your favorite moment. >> my favorite moment was the card reading. it happened after the morning news and before another assignment that we were on our way to. and this guy we just walked in and he was great and he really tagged you. >> yeah, he did. >> whoa, to tower all of a sudden to show you the towers. literally a basket case. >> and there she is. there it is. i never worked with michelle before and this guy said it all. i mean it was perfect. >> i also like that this man, he noted that when michelle walked in, the first thing he said was, i would rather see death. >> yeah, that's what he said. i would rather see death in that tower of i don't know,
7:32 am
what it was called. i was nervous though, remember. >> yeah, i would be nervous too. but i would like to go back to get my own cards read. >> we've been giving each other a hard time, but this has been a great team. it was really hard to come up with. but i think that it was the ride through the french quarter that we have mike at the helm. he was in control of gus, the horse. we went through a ride in the french quarter and he was telling us the history of this city. the city is unbelievable. so rich in history. nearly 300 years old. he is telling us about all the architecture, of course, a lot of the french and the spanish influence. just beautiful. and then of all things as we're going through this carriage ride, it was rick and i. we would see george lucas of all people walking down the street. >> i'd rather watch it right
7:33 am
there. >> is that the best seat in the house? >> the best seat in the house. >> reporter: all right, he's talking to me about the super bowl as he was not in town for football. he was just here for personal reason heading back home to watch the big game, but rooting on the 49ers. the great thing about that, we were doing a story on the film industry, really booming here in new orleans and wondering who we were going to interview. >> right, it was dumb luck. you know, to bump into georgia. i made a joke today before that i think that was george lucas. and there he was. >> reporter: and wilson i have to say he was mad at us as he was just a huge star wars fans, rubbing it in his face the entire time. yes? >> it is another thing that i noticed throughout the week. but it has been a joy. >> i have to tell you guys that these two are the best. this has been a great team. getting a lot of work done here. real great work and i'm glad that i'm with these guys. >> all right, michelle wilson
7:34 am
is live for us in new orleans. have fun, guys. thanks for that. all right, around here it will be another beautiful weekend. >> starting out with the fog and the low clouds. and nothing unusual there. and we'll look for the temperatures to recover into the 60s today as we look out towards san jose. the numbers are now 42 degrees. oakland with 52. we'll have the whole forecast for you in a few minutes. okay, well here is a warning for anyone celebrating tomorrow, which a lot of us will be. you better be on your best behavior after the game where you could end up on the wall of shame. this is what san francisco cops don't want to see after the giants won the world series. the vandals, they trashed the muni bus and lit it on fire. yesterday, they showed off all the mugshots that he has collected of those suspected vandals. >> there's so many people that had a prior record, they are facing the possibility of the 25 years to life. and there are people that had no prior criminal record that
7:35 am
are facing the possibility of three to five years in prison. >> oh yeah. and also the games until that happened. they are not taking any chances tomorrow. twice as many officers will be working as they were working during the world series celebration and the trash collection, they were even moved up to try to prevent fuel for dumpster fires. and of course cbs 5 is your super bowl station. kick off at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon with a lot of pre- game and post-game stuff as well. and in fact after the game, stay tuned for a super night on the bay bridge. we're going to bring you the first live television program on the deck of the new span. we'll be right back.
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20 minutes now before 8:00. for more than 50 years an east bay woman has been making ways to protect the san francisco bay cbs 5 reporter sharon chin, who went to the shoreline to meet this week's award winner. >> reporter: along the san
7:39 am
francisco bay, you can hear the birds chirp. kite surf, and enjoy the waves. because the 96-year-old here. >> i think that it is just beautiful. >> reporter: she spent more than 50 years leading the charge to protect the bay. >> i think that it is very gratifying to me to see that there are so many people here enjoying our beautiful bay. >> reporter: to guard the bay against pollutions, she co- founded save the bay with two friends, katherine and others. today, sylvia is the last survivor of the pioneering trio. >> the fact that we still have a bay today is due in large part to her leadership in a time when there weren't environmental leaders and there certainly weren't women leading that kind of an effort. >> reporter: sylvia and their friends first victory was to stop their plan to double the size of the city by filling
7:40 am
2,000 acres of the bay. >> we just wanted to see how the thing was built from the bay, you know being filled in. >> reporter: the other landmark victory a few years later in the 1960s when governor signed into law the first coastal zone management agency to protect the bay. >> and that is the model for all the coastal zone protection agencies in this country and around the world. >> reporter: and because of sylvia and save the bay, public access increased from 6 miles to the 1960s to hundreds of miles here today. in fact an 8-mile park stretching through berkeley and four other cities were recently renamed the state park in her honor. patricia jones calls her a force of nature. >> and she has that very gentle diplomatic friendly exterior, but there are serves of steals inside. >> reporter: winning many battles with the powerful developers that plan to fill
7:41 am
the bay. >> and that has been like it throughout the world, you know, you're one. i thought it was pretty nice. >> reporter: and today, the members and supporters were more than 40,000, an army of volunteer that will keep them healthy. a beautiful sight if you ask sylvia. >> the big privilege for them and in my home and half way up the hill. >> reporter: and for more than half a century of saving the bay, this week's jefferson award in the bay area, will go to sylvia. sharon chin, cbs 5. >> you can connect with them online, using the link at and click the connect button. you can find our story here on sylvia. following their road to the dome, finally waking up in the big easy. mike, good morning. >> and i can see the dome from my hotel room, just like sarah
7:42 am
palin. i cannot believe that i'm here and after 2,600 and 21 miles, not the most direct route, but i finally made it as i left on friday, last friday. it seems like a lifetime ago with my wife janissaries. we got in the car and drove down highway 5. our first stop was in san bernardino. it's nice. and they jumped back to the car. they went to the london bridge, which was blocked over to the lake and their city and peace by peace. it is the real london bridge, just a good tourist there. the next stop, i ate a steak. a 72-ounce steak. a steak challenge. all right, i tried to eat it. 72 ounces. it cost $72. if you eat it you get it for free. if not it is $72 and i did not finish it. i ate a third of it maybe. the next stop was at this area.
7:43 am
where was the next stop? she is still eating it. the next stop was on route 66, janice and i did and we saw some of the iconic spots. we went to the museum there and saw the horrible old towns as you can see there. the route that was once the mother load and a bunch of dying towns. one was living. it'd be 70 now. and now we're in the big easy. and ann, i cannot believe after eight days that i'm here. >> so tell me about it. how does it feel. what's going on there this morning?
7:44 am
>> all right ann, i have partied with you and i know that you would love this town. there are more drunk people per square inch than anywhere on the face of the earth. last night i was out on bourbon street and you know, if you know anything about new orleans, you know what it is like. have you been here? >> i have and i think that i may have been one of the drunk people that you're talking about. it's a good time. enjoy yourself, mike. we will be checking back in with you throughout the weekend. thanks for calling me out on that by the way. and around here it is a lovely weekend. pretty warm out today. >> i was out there for a shoot for pbs. if there was a super bowl competition, so let's call it this. it is quite a blaze. we'll head out to show you how it looks with the fog and
7:45 am
clouds to start your day, which we are looking towards the mountain, if only you could see it. visibilities reduced this morning with a cloudy chilly start for the bay area. a dry weekend ahead though. previously a little bit of a chance of showers. it is not going to happen. high pressure is too much in command with the clouds today. and that's what we'll have for the rest of the day, just the high clouds. to do a little comparison shopping, 63 in the city for tomorrow and 66 and sunshine in new orleans. they're going to get snow out there in baltimore. and for us, we'll look for temperatures today to be mostly in the 60s. san francisco at 60 degrees. 65 for oakland, 63 at fremont. extended forecast, partly sunny skies today and tomorrow and a look ahead, no, maybe by next weekend, but midweek looks high and dry for the bay area. plenty of sunshine. >> thanks for that. one more walk through for the niners ahead of the super bowl. coming up, what that will do to make for game day distractions
7:46 am
with the sports editor for sf bay.
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7:48 am
another first for the super bowl...head coaches showing taking a live look at the super dome. it's a real big place and actually hosted seven super bowls now. the most of any stadium in the country, a very popular place all eyes on the super dome in new orleans before the big game. kick off tomorrow at 3:30. well, another first for the super bowl. the head coach is showing up at the same news conference, which will help when they are brothers. the last media event, they answered one question, will
7:49 am
they work for one another and would they hire the other for the coaching staff? yeah, definitely. >> we're expecting the game day here and more. and joining us here this morning and thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> now, tell us what are you expecting when it will come to behind-the-scenes tensions here between the brothers? >> these guys are ultimate competitors. they said when they took them first to the niners job, they would bring enthusiasm unknown to mankind to their job as they have done that. a very serious competitor. i think a part of the reason why he wears the game day is the way he dresses in total game day mode. >> right, but you can see the differences. he had one in the suit and one a little more laid back. >> actually, he was great.
7:50 am
and one is more laid back. he is much more, you know, great towards the media. jim, he doesn't know how the social grace will be down as he does not care. he deals with the things he needs to show you. >> he's got his eyes on the prize. just concentrating on the sports. and you cannot blame him for that. >> no. >> there has been a lot of media drama this past week about the comments here that they were seen by many of the offensive views to the gay community. and then we have the follow up. some of their team members that are participating first here. and a lot of things that were causing the bad relations here with the lesbian and the gay and the bisexual transgender community. do you think it will be a distraction tomorrow? >> i don't think so. they are lucky. there have been a couple instances in the previous super bowl before it happened in the game. they played for the atlanta falcons. getting arrested for solicitation. the next day, they were
7:51 am
outscored by the denver broncos with quite the showcase. and the oakland raiders ten years ago, they went crazy and found down there. >> and the timing will be here and do you think that the issue will resurface? i mean that was offensive to the gay community, which is obviously huge in the bay area. >> this is the first time that it has happened with the niners. the 49ers were back in 2002 making similar remarks. a former nfl player that came out a day after being retired. they referred to him with the f word, which you know is very bad. and the warriors, they mentioned the same thing that he did not want to be around any gay people. it's an on going problem with the sports. no professional athlete that is currently playing here while they would be playing. >> the whole locker room culture.
7:52 am
>> finally you're a big sports fans. but you needed to catch the game. is it irritating for a guy like you to go to a party with someone like me that doesn't know what's going on, the bandwagonner? >> a little bit. but the thing that i enjoy being a sports reporter, i can teach anybody about sports and they really have a great appreciation for it. and i feel like 14.5 years of being a sports journalist she really understands sports now spill take pride in that. >> thanks for that. we'll be right back.
7:53 am
ravens hold final walkthroughs on the field in new orleans where they will play the super wl tomorrow. bot today, they will be holding final walk thus where they will play the super bowl, of course, tomorrow. and both teams, they will be
7:54 am
factoring yesterday and the head coach brothers and jim and joe harbaugh have a joint press conference. the goal is to stop the rowdy fans and destructive super bowl frustrations. out in the world series as you may remember they trashed properties around the series, even lighting up the muni bus on fire. and back in the big easy, bourbon street is filled with more football jerseys. a big party. >> yes. >> you need to watch it at home. >> tomorrow, well no, i have a house party to go to. >> you did? the harbaugh passes me over. we're going to start out with mostly cloudy skies, a little fog around the bay area. look at the bay bridge. rather than fog, you've got the big program special coming up after the super bowl. out the door this morning, we
7:55 am
have fog. temperature highs, they will recover into the mid-60s. starting out a little chilly though and 43 degrees at livermore. we'll have highs today in the lower 60s. and that will be a great saturday. it looks like it will be nice. a few clouds around, but no rain, so that's good. >> nothing serious. all right, you talk about the super bowl as a lot of people are talking about the commercials. and starring one of the commercials could mean big exposure, especially for this little performer. the chihuahua mix is the leading lady in the amateur tv ad for doritos now one of the five finalists in the competition. two of the winners will be shown during sunday's game. yodas paws are crossed. cbs5 is your super bowl station. kick off is at 3:30 with a lot of pre-game broadcast before that and then afterwards stay tuned for a super night on the bay bridge. we're going to bring you the first live television program from the deck of the news span, complete with the post-game
7:56 am
coverage from new orleans and all over the bay area as it will be such an exciting day and night as we are looking forward to it. >> yeah, it should be a good one. >> thanks for joining us this morning and enjoy the rest of your saturday and if we don't see you before then, go niners.
7:57 am
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